Before I say anything else, let me just tell you that I might not know you (yet) but you sound like a wonderful amazing father and it’s absolutely normal I think to have a strong urge to protect your children. God knows how many times in the past my parents did the same. My mother tagged along on my first school excursion. It was an overnight trip in a little town only an hour drive away from my hometown. My mother. Was in the trip with me. With my teachers and classmates. I was 12 years old.

I was too happy to be able to join the excursion to feel any embarrassment to be honest and my mother was the cool type. She got along with all my friends and I knew she had my best interest at heart so I didn’t mind it that much.

I also remember crying for 3 nights in a row because I wasn’t allowed to join the school trip to another city (we had to go on a flight). I was 17 and absolutely upset with my parents’ decision. That time, I wasn’t very understanding but I got over it.

Have you seen the news lately? So many terrifying stories! So can’t really blame you for doing what you did. I’m the only daughter in the house (I have 2 brothers) so you can imagine what kind of restraint I was put under. But eventually, I earned my parents’ trust. I proved to them that I can take care of myself and even though they never really let go, they relaxed their grip. Slowly.

I would say don’t blame yourself too much. It’s just normal to want to protect your kid (you should have seen my mother’s reaction when I told her I was going to India to do yoga teacher training for a month). I think it’s not too late to fix things. Communication is definitely very important. Action talks louder than words but sometimes, words are just what a person needs.

I’m not a parent myself but from my perspective as a daughter, I can tell you that my parents always told me they believe in me and they believe that I will live a happy life and thrive. Those words have been my fuel and my guiding star every time I got lost.

Maybe have a heart to heart conversation with your daughter? Sorry for my ranting but you’re just so sweet and I feel like you can have an amazing relationship with your daughter :)

Thank you for reading and commenting!



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