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Photo Poetry

Agnes Eveline Anton
2 min readSep 23, 2020
First bloom. ©Agnes Louis

Do you cry when a flower withers and dies?
Do you mourn for every petal — every colour faded?
Do you weep as life seeps out of the majestic being?

Perhaps you do, shed tears for a life ended.

Perhaps you don’t.
For all living creatures, no matter how majestic and magnificent, must come to an end.

Life lived, purpose served.
Cycle completed.

Everything that lives must die.
As such is the nature of every living being.

Do you grieve as flowers wither and leaves fall?

Slowly coming to an end. ©Agnes Louis

Author’s note: My husband bought me 6 lilies.

I watched all of them bloom.

By the time the fifth opened, the first had started to shed a petal.

When the last flower proudly greeted the world, bursting with its vibrant colour, the first two had met its maker. The third was shrivelling and on its way while the other two stood by their late bloomer sister.

This morning, of the 6 lilies, 2 petals were left hanging on a stem.

The cycle almost complete. ©Agnes Louis

I silently watched as life made a full circle.

I did not mourn for 6 lives lost.

I celebrated 6 lives well-lived, 6 purposes served.

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