Happiness: It’s A State of Being

It’s “I am happy”. NOT “I have happy (or happiness)”.

Agnes Eveline Anton
2 min readDec 19, 2018


It hit me as the warm water cascaded down my body. It always hit us when we’re showering, doesn’t it? The good ideas. The inspiration. The epiphany. There’s just something about the shower…

So, as I was cleaning myself, a thought occurred to me.


Some of you would probably be like, “Yeah. Okay, you’re happy. So?

We have probably read in many articles and books about happiness coming from the inside. That you don’t seek it outside. We have probably had people telling us that happiness is just simply being.

But today it hit me.

When we’re happy, we say “I AM HAPPY”. We don’t say “I HAVE HAPPY” or “I HAVE HAPPINESS”. It’s not an object. It’s not an item outside your body you can grab or own.

It also makes me realize that the more you’re trying to hold on to it, the more it’s going to wiggle out of your grasp.

Happiness is not something we obtain. It’s just… us.

The thought is so liberating.

I don’t have to do anything specific to be happy. I don’t have to own anything specific to be happy. I don’t have to fulfill any requirements to be happy.

I can be happy anytime, anywhere I want.

I mean, isn’t that amazing?

When I said,I’m happyin my head, I actually felt happy. I mean I wasn’t unhappy but the thought itself just sparked something inside me. I felt the warmth of happiness wrapping its delicate fingers around my body the moment the thought echoed in my mind.

It’s absolutely amazing!

Happiness is a state of being.

You don’t have to reach out. You just have to reach in.

Try it. Stop whatever you’re doing right now. Close your eyes. Breath. Slow down your heart rate. Inhale. Exhale. Then gently, whisper to yourself:




Agnes Eveline Anton

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