It’s always a tough question and it’s so easy for people to judge when they’ve never experience abusive parents themselves. I’m lucky my parents are so loving, caring and always there for me. If I had called my mom to tell her about an abusive partner, she would have immediately asked me to move back home (this is why I sometimes still try to reach out for her at times of need even when she’s not there anymore).

The most common sentence I’ve heard is “well, you should be grateful because if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be here” The old school guilt trip never goes out of style… But to those with abusive parents, not many people actually stop and think, “why are these parents giving birth to this kid if all they’re going to do is abuse him/her?”

I truly believe that we are all made of love and that’s why we have the capacity to love and sometimes, can’t help ourselves in loving a person despite all the horrible treatments we accept from that very same person. However, self-love is also love and without it, your capacity to love others might be a lot less.

So I say, love yourself first. If loving a certain person makes you suffer immensely, then maybe take a step back and distance yourself a little?

Whatever it is you decide to do, just know that there are people who genuinely care about you. We have never met in real life, but you know where to find me if you need someone to talk to :)



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