Love: Is It Measureable?


Agnes Eveline Anton
2 min readJan 26, 2019


Since it feels like electricity at times, maybe it can be measured in volt? Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

“How much do you love me?”

I am a writer. And I was lost for words.

One question. One question was all it takes to make your mind runs a mile, your mouth runs dry and your heart beats at the speed of light.

I know the answer. I do but the answer came in a rush of feeling not in words.

How do I convey it?

Because the heart knows the answer but the head doesn’t know how to put it into something concrete… like words. The brain is simply uncapable in finding words that can represent the waves of emotions.

I tried. I raked my brain for words. I am after all, a writer. And an avid reader too. There must be something.

But for the first time, words failed and eluded me. There was just nothing.

I can say I love you more than I love myself. But I love myself more and the way you love me makes loving you feels like loving myself.

I can say I love you more than anything in the world. But I can’t compare you with things and I have yet to see the whole world so anything in the world wouldn’t have encompass much.

I suppose I can say I love you more than life. Because that’s the most precious thing I have and I would have given it away for you without a second thought.

But how do I measure it?

This love I have for you…

It’s beyond words. It’s larger than life and it transcends space and time.

How does one measure something unmeasureable?

Perhaps one day I would be able to put it in words. Perhaps, the answer will simply come to you. Perhaps, one day I can make you see the extent of my love.

I wish I can give you an answer. Right here right now. But I can’t, just yet. So until then…

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A smile, a kiss, a hug, would have to do.



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