The Art of Slowing Down

A message from the Universe

Agnes Eveline Anton
4 min readJul 19, 2022


A message from the Universe — England. ©Agnes Eveline Anton

Have you ever sat down with a book, or lie down trying to take a nap only to find your brain won’t shut up about all the tasks you have to do?

Have you ever find yourself feeling restless when you’re resting?

After 8 months of living a rat-race life, trying to adopt the hustling lifestyle despite knowing deep down that it would only end badly, I finally had to admit defeat.

Hustling is not for the island woman who values not only physical but also mental health. A workplace that puts hustling culture above all else is no place for a woman who thrives in the Island of Gods, whose passion is to teach others how to live healthier both physically and mentally.

I’ve had trouble relaxing and that, is never good for someone who makes a living in the health and fitness industry.

The Problem

I can’t remember when it started.

I just remember being constantly busy, always having many items on my to-do-list on top of my work schedule. I felt productive and good every time I checked an item on the list.

The more hours I clocked in, the more clients I had, the more productive I felt. Even when I felt exhausted and worse, detached at the end of the day, I felt like I had accomplished something big and great if I had been so busy I had to rush my meals.

I started taking more clients outside my working hours, and thus prolonging my working hours. Newbies cannot be picky, I was told.

One day of long extra hours turned into two before turning into three and the next thing I knew, I only had one weekday left where I worked my normal working hour. This on top of half a Saturday (sometimes more than half).

When my husband and I finally realized this way of living (he worked similar, if not even more, working hours as me) is just not it, we both decided to leave.

Even though we left and rescued ourselves, the effect of working in a rat-race culture had left a lasting impact.

I used to be able to sit down and read a book for an hour without interruption, just getting lost in the pages. I now find it hard to concentrate…



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