The Reign

And those two will sit in their thrones for a while. Sigh…

Agnes Eveline Anton
2 min readJan 10, 2019


Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

The man in the grey three-piece suit smokes his cigar and chuckles. “Look at all these fools, G,” he says to another man who’s wearing opened button black shirt with dark blue suit and pants in matching color.

The other man, G, smirks while sipping on his whiskey. “Yeah. You would have thought that they have realized it all by now. But nooooo. Hundreds of years and they are still at it.”

“Yeah. Through so many decades, so many changing eras and evolution. You would think that they would have already figured it out.”

“Do you think they will ever? Figure it out that is.”

“To be completely honest with you? I was actually a little worried with the emergence of a few wise ones. For a second, I really thought that that was it. That was the end of us. But fortunately for us, those who are ignorant and too proud to listen outnumbers those who truly listen and finally understand.

G gives a nonchalant smile and for a while, they just sit in silence. One enjoying his cigar while the other, his whiskey.

In front of the two gentlemen, is a massive moving image.

The two had been enjoying the gory spectacles before their very eyes.


Harming and killing each other. Stabbing, mutilating, lying, stealing. All to seize something they don’t quite grasp. All in the name of something they don’t quite understand.

If only they stop for a minute, second even, and ask themselves what they are truly fighting for…

No. They just keep feeding the fire. The fire that consumes their world and feed the very beasts who are now sitting and enjoying the inferno.

“We will reign, G. We will reign for a very, very long time, my friend,” Power said to Greed.



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