The White White World

And all I can see is snow… and you.

Agnes Eveline Anton
2 min readJan 13, 2019


I took this picture from a moving train yesterday. Beautiful Germany that inspired me.

It is here and there and everywhere.

It covers everything.

From the soft mound of the Earth.

To the tree branches where little birds perched.

The world had turned upside down.

The cloud is on the ground.

On the flower and every blade of grass.

On the bridge and underpass.

I look around and I see.


Smiling with the camera in your hand.


With a handful of snow outstretched to you, a big smile on my face.


With a ball of snow in your hand.


Squealing with delight as the snow came hurtling.

Taken by me. I just love the whole colour combination.

Standing, waiting for the train.

I saw you on the bridge above the rail.

The wind blew.

And I could almost felt your arms wrapped around my shoulder.

This White World.

We have made it into Our World.

Don’t know when.

Don’t know how.

But at this point,

Does it even matter?

For as long as we live here,

Where the white white world exists,

Everything else melts into the background.

In our little White White World.

I just had to stop and take a snap. What a beautiful world.



Agnes Eveline Anton

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