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1 min readMay 3, 2019


This article is so relatable. I am Asian dating a Caucasian dude. We get the stares as well especially when we were in my hometown (there are not many foreigners there).

The Asians would give me a look that said, “She’s so lucky she has a white boyfriend.” There seems to be this prevailing believe that the white race is more superior. Not only the blonde hair and blue eyes as you said, but also in terms of intelligence and capability.

For some time, I felt that I had hit the jackpot because the society I was immersed in has conditioned me to think that way.

I snapped out of it.

We are all humans. Different outside, same inside and there’s that. End of story.

My boyfriend and I, we’re both lucky because we found each other.

But about the beautiful babies, I got told the same many times too, I guess it can be interpreted 2 ways. One is the way you see it. Because the baby will have blonde hair and blue eyes.

I think when my family and friends said it, it was more along the line of because the baby would be of a mixture of a very different looking parents. The babies will be beautiful because it will look unique. After all, people are attracted to things that stand out and therefore, they think mixed babies will be more beautiful.

But I absolutely agree with you that all babies are born beautiful regardless their races.

Such an insightful piece and definitely food for thought. Thank you for sharing, Danny! :)



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