This Is Why You Need To Stay Home

Yes, even if you’re the love child of Superman and Wonderwoman.

Agnes Eveline Anton
4 min readMar 31, 2020


I’ve heard the argument a thousand times and I’ll probably hear it a thousand times more.

It’s only affecting older people and people with lower immune system.

I know damn well how that argument works because guess what. That was my stance too, a while ago. It was where I stood, until I read and educate myself more on coronavirus and the global pandemic.

No, ignorance is not a bliss.

Ignorance costs lives.

I’m a yoga teacher with a pretty healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been working out pretty much everyday (with occasional rest days) for the past few years and experimented with clean eating, being vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian (in the end I found nothing works better than moderation).

I’ve watched over my well-being for quite some time. Some people applaud my lifestyle while some criticized me for being too hard on myself and not indulging in life pleasure.

I do take pleasure in life.

I take pleasure in being healthy and I’m happy with where I am.

When coronavirus hits and the data shows that it mostly attacks people with lower immune system, I was not worried.

I still take precautions. I use hand sanitizer everywhere and practice not to touch my face. Other than being more careful and hygienic, life pretty much went on as usual.

I was good and I was chill.


The death toll is climbing all over the world and more data and information has been made available.

The more I learn about the pandemic, the more I realize how important it is to stay at home and that THIS IS NO LONGER ONLY ABOUT ME.

Because people can carry the virus without ever realizing it, passing it on to people with weaker immune system.



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